Chemical Peels

C H E M I C A L  P E E L S 

  • Custom Peels | $140 - Treats pigmentation, acne scars, fine lines, improves skin tone and texture, can reduce breakout activity. best done in a series of treatments.
  • Smoothing Body Peel Treatment | $275 - This treatment is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet.
  • 4% Pure Retinol Peel | $250 - For skin in need of rejuvenation, this retinoid peel smoothes, brightens and evens skin tone through increased cell turnover and peeling.



  • Ultra Peel Forte | $300 - The most suitable candidates for this more active treatment are those with resilient skin. Ultra Peel Forte rejuvenates the skin and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while promoting an even skin tone.
  • 6% Retinol Peel | $300 - Most suitable for those with resilient skin. It provides dramatic and rapid rejuvenation of the skin. Skin is visibly smoother and brighter with improved tone.



  • Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment | $100  This is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active blend of antioxidants, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates and promotes a purified and clear complexion. This gentle, deep pore cleansing treatment provides clarifying benefits.
  • Oxygenating Trio | $100 - Is a three-step formulation that contains antioxidants and enzymes that leave skin smooth, purified and glowing.